Whiten & Detoxify Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal!

I came across an article on the Internet with one of the grossest pictures I have seen. Yes, you guessed it; it’s the picture you are looking at. It grabbed my attention and I figured it would grab yours as well.

The article claimed you could whiten your teeth with activated charcoal. Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier. It is used to combat food poisoning, alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or other cases of poisoning. Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent substance. Toxins stick to the surface of the charcoal and allow it to pass through the body’s digestive system without being taken in by the body itself.

Though the powder temporarily makes your mouth look like it has been stained black, and admittedly – trying this based on what someone randomly said on the Internet, I was a little nervous. I thought logically it made sense, so I went ahead and opened a capsule of the charcoal. It slid open pretty easily, dumping some of the black powder in the sink.

Tapping the capsule so the gray/black dust piled up on my toothbrush I put it in my mouth. I expected the worst. I had never tasted charcoal, and was not sure what to expect. To my surprise, it didn’t taste like anything.

Scrubbing the blackness around in my mouth, I had to laugh smiling at myself in the mirror. I looked like Halloween gone astray. I brushed my teeth thoroughly with this mess and rinsed my toothbrush, then my mouth. There was still some gray matter left on my teeth so I grabbed my fluoride free toothpaste and brushed my teeth as normal.

When I stood up and looked in the mirror I was happily surprised. First, my teeth were no longer black (few!) and secondly, they did indeed appear much whiter than they had been only a few moments ago.

Upon further investigation it seems that activated charcoal can actually help to change the pH and increase the health of your mouth. It has been shown to be effective in preventing cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis.

I am personally adding this to my dental regime and highly recommend trying it!

To purchase activated charcoal click here – charcoal
At $5.00 a bottle that works itself out to less than .10 cents per use! This is certainly more economical than professional whitening.

Along with the cost, where chemical whiteners contain chemicals, charcoal is detoxifying your body while you brush!

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