Tips for an easier delivery & How to prepare an all natural formula!

Newborn baby


Childbirth is one of the most stressful things the human body can go through. By nourishing it with the right supplements and food beforehand you can lessen the impact and pain felt during and after labor itself. Take note ladies! You will want to grab a pen and paper!

*Calcium decreases sensitivity to pain. (Taken with fat and Vitamin D to insure absorption – e.g.: Calcium tablets taken with a glass of whole milk) Take between the time labor starts and arrival at the hospital.

*Vitamin E: Gives greater muscular strength and assists in providing easier shorter deliveries. It also decreases the need for oxygen and the newborn stands a better chance at total health. Additionally a generous intake of vitamin E shortly before your delivery tremendously increases the elasticity and expandability of the vaginal tissues. (Vitamin C is also beneficial)

*Zinc: 15 mg. or more per day 1-2 weeks before delivery, cover underarms with zinc oxide each night – it is absorbed through the skin.

*Panothenic acid: The body’s requirement for panothenic acid skyrockets just before giving birth. It is recommended to consume fruits and vegetables daily also supply potassium to prevent edema.

*Vitamin K: (Yogurt and a cooked leafy green vegetable daily are essential to prevent hemorrhaging in a new baby.)

A hearty snack of whole milk, bread, cheese, and a fruit at the beginning of labor could prevent your baby’s blood sugar from dropping dangerously low.

Red raspberry leaves (tea) drunk at least during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and or Comfrey tea – both are helpful after birth for healing.

Pack your daily supplements and take them with you to the hospital. Some doctors may say you don’t need them, but when your body is under stress it needs more nutrients. Bearing a child is probably the most stressful condition a body can go through. So make sure to keep taking your supplements.

*When nursing, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water (more important than milk or juice) per day.


To prepare a wonderful healthy all natural formula combine the following:

– 1 Quart of one of the following: medically certified raw milk, yogurt made from whole milk, acidophilus milk, cultured butter milk mixed with 1/4 cup light cream, pasteurized whole milk, or 1 quart of soy milk.

– 2/3 cup or 6 oz. boiled water.

– 3 tablespoons of milk sugar or lactose, increase gradually to 5 tablespoons.

– 1/2 shell of a boiled egg, thoroughly crushed to a powder and blended with a little milk or 2 tsp. calcium gluconate or lactate or 2 tbsp. calcium carbonate.

– 1 pinch of magnesium oxide or epsom salts. If stools remain formed or child is constipated gradually increase up to 1/4 tsp.

– 1/4 tsp. Vitamin C solution.

– 1/4 tsp. yeast

– 1/4 tsp. trace minerals (free from iron)

– 1/2 tsp. cold pressed safflower oil. (optional)

– 1/4 tbsp. lecithin (add if the oil is used)

In case the formula is not made of yogurt or acidophilus, add: 1 yogurt tablet, 1/2 tsp. acidophilus culture, or 1-4 tbsp. unsweetened yogurt or acidophilus milk. Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or blender. Stir well and fill bottles immediately, or keep in the refrigerator as needed.

Special Evening bottle: Since fat stays in the stomach longer than does any other food, 2 tsp. of cream or 1 tsp. of vegetable oil and lecithin might be put into this bottle. Since proteins have a high satiety value, an egg yolk or a little undiluted yogurt or evaporated milk and or 1-2 tsp. of yeast might be added.

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