Should you see your doctor?

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John McDougall, MD states clearly, in agreement with the American Medical Association & The American Collage of Preventive Medicine that it is in your best interest not to get annual physicals.

This statement may seem strange to many of you as it goes against what we have all been taught over the years, which is to see your doctor regularly. But how many of us question why?

His reasoning behind this controversial statement is that “looking for problems where they do not exist can cause far more harm than good. If we look hard enough nearly every person on earth could be deemed ill.”

He gives the example that if 2000 CAT Scans are done, you will find 1300 abnormalities. Out of that, statistics show you may save 1 life. By implanting the idea in the mind of the patient that something has come up “abnormal” it is now in their thoughts “I am sick”.

This often causes depression, withdrawal from activities, and changes in life that are not necessary along with costly and damaging medical procedures that likely never needed to happen in the first place, and in many cases, the belief that they are sick, will be the cause of sickness in and of itself.

So, if it is not recommended to get check ups, how will you know if something is wrong?

Stop and think about this question for a moment. How out of touch have we as a society and as individuals become that we believe that someone outside of ourselves will know our body better than we do? He goes on to say, “When the body is sick, you will know.”

How do we deprogram? How do we get back in touch with our bodies and our selves? It’s easier for some than others. For some, it will be as simple as the decision to do so. For others it is a process. Where do you start?

Sleep when you are tired, stretch when you are stiff, drink water when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry, exercise when you are low on energy, speak when you have something to say, breathe and slow down when you are stressed, smile when you are happy, express and hold nothing in…. and say no when you mean no.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, has developed the Instinct Based Medical System (IBMS). This system teaches effective stress reduction, success and relationship skills, how to release and eliminate negative past memories or experiences that are still affecting you, how to let go of negative habits or behavioral patterns that are holding you back from the happiness, health and success that you deserve and desire. It is intended to help you create the greatest physical state, energy level and quality of life possible.

If at all possible, attending his seminars in person is a life changing experience. If you are unable, consider reading his book The ONLY Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor.

In this fascinating 2-part book learn why negative emotions such as worry, fear, hopelessness; in addition to conditions of forced compromise and denial; can lead to cancer and other health breakdowns. Regain the power and control over your health as you learn how to manage and eliminate pain and suffering in the most effective way. Dr. Leonard Coldwell describes a revolutionary approach to understanding stress and its ravaging effects on our health. For the first time, an experienced physician and health researcher explains the direct correlation between emotional and mental stress and degenerative diseases; particularly cancer.

This and other incredibly helpful books and cd sets can be found by going to:
Additionally, training to become an IBMS Coach so that you can help others is also available IBMS Training

Learning to listen to your body and your own inner voice again may take time, but in the end, it is the most rational, cost effective, healthy and straight forward thing you can do to protect your health as well as set a wonderful inspirational example for those around you.

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