Ear Candling

man having an ear candle therapy

Ear candling – You may have heard of it, but what is it and what does it do?

Ear candles are different than regular candles you use to light your home. Though still made of wax (usually beeswax), the wax coats muslin (material) strips that have been rolled with a hollow center in a shape that looks like a tall wickless taper candle.

Those who do ear candling stand behind its benefits. It is touted to help with sinus pressure, migraines, chronic earaches, TMJ, ringing in your ears (tinnitus), and even stress.

This treatment is offered at many spas and will run you around $50. With that said, it is super easy to do and very safe so long as you pay attention. Done at home it can cost anywhere from $5-$10.

You cannot ear candle yourself, so grab a friend and the following items: 2 ear candles (one for each ear), a paper plate and scissors. I realize the picture does not show the paper plate, but for safety we highly recommend using one. Wax coated or plastic is fine as well.

Cut a small x in the center of the plate and push it open with your finger. Once it’s loose enough, slide the ear candle through the plate so that it rests face up near the base (small end) of the ear candle. The purpose of the plate is that should any hot ashes fall they will not land on your face or in your hair.

Lie on your side and relax. The person with the candle will light the larger end and as it begins to burn (making sure its attached firmly to the plate) carefully insert the other smaller end in to your ear that is facing upwards. As the candle burns heat increases, warm smoke filling your ear, it creates a vacuum funnel inside of the tube. The heat penetrates the ear canal and melts wax contained within. As it melts it is sucked up through and sticks to the inside of the tube pulling out dust, wax, bugs (yes I said bugs), Candida (yeast), and anything else that happens to be in your ear.

Allow the candle to burn down to the last couple of inches or when it gets hard to hold then remove from the ear and run it under water to make sure its out. Roll over and repeat on the other ear. Once you are finished, you may want to take the scissors and cut open lengthwise the candle to see what has come out of the ears.

Though most medical doctors dispute the claims that this practice works, even claiming it to be dangerous, I have done it and had it done on me several times. It is relaxing. If you aren’t feeling well due to sinus issues, the warm air in your ears feels really good, and each time I have felt I could hear better and more clearly afterwards.

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