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Have you ever wondered why it is our portion sizes have gotten so out of control? Why we are so hungry all of the time? America has become a nation of compulsive snackers’, midnight munchers’ and over eaters with fast food chains like Taco Bell encouraging this trend by offering “4th meal” in the name of profit. (really, 3 wasn’t enough?). Food is making us, as a nation, fatter and fatter. But what are the real causes of this epidemic?

There are several contributing factors –

Adding corn syrup from genetically modified corn to everything under the sun from canned fruit to chicken salad and diet sodas.

Foods which contain artificial chemical sweeteners (which your body still reads as sugar despite the zero calorie advertising push).

Preservatives that can keep food fresh for ungodly lengths of time (which hamper the absorption of the nutrients that haven’t been processed out of the pre packaged foods we buy).

Heck, half the ingredients in most food these days isn’t even edible! (Cotton seed oil… Esther of wood rosin to name a couple) Is it any wonder we are having health issues?

This still doesn’t explain the portion sizes or the compulsive need to over eat. I have a theory. Years ago most of our food supply was what is now considered “organic”. It came from farms and orchards, which were not marinated in pesticides. It was grown in soil that still contained rich amounts of trace minerals.

These days the farming soil has often been depleted of trace minerals to a vast extent if not all together. Because of this the growing vegetables do not contain them either. Combine this with the rapid rate at which GMO vegetables and fruits grow (that is one of the main benefits of GMO, the rapid growth rate. But they are not as healthy for us, and as their DNA structure is mutated from its natural state.)

If fruits and vegetables no longer contain all of the nutrients we as human organisms need… where do we get them?

Good question! You may be thinking… what about from meat? The animals are eating from the same (even lower end) food supply as we are. They are not getting the nutrients they need either. Now add to that the fact that to keep them healthy they are fed regularly antibiotics, which stay in the body to be consumed by us at the dinner table, which in turn builds up our immunity to these drugs so that when we need them, they no longer are effective. Cows are fed growth hormones as well, which in turn are consumed by the consumer. These growth hormones work on humans as well. (Have you noticed how fast kids are developing these days?)

The answer to where we now get these nutrients from, for most of us, is that we don’t. And that is why we are so fat.

Let me explain. Your body not only craves these missing vitamins and minerals, it needs them to live and be truly healthy. When you aren’t consuming them in the food you are taking in it keeps looking -seeking more and more food in a vain attempt to satisfy itself. Because of this we keep eating more and more. We are never satisfied and always hungry.

I came to this conclusion when I switched to an all-organic RAW food diet for a time. It consisted of only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, raw milk and cheese, as well as some interesting new additions such as seaweed noodles and sesame seed crackers. Lots of meals were consumed via fresh made juices as well. I also added pink Himalayan salt to my diet daily as it contains all of the trace minerals we are missing.

Going into this, I expected to feel hungry. What I found instead was exactly the opposite. I was not hungry at all. In fact it was a challenge, one that I had to track daily online, to make sure I was eating enough calories. 10 lbs fell off instantly. When you are getting enough nutrition, and your body is able to absorb it. Food cravings disappear.

The better you eat, the easier it is for your body to function properly. I highly suggest eating good solid healthy food and making those calories count!

Your body needs complete nutrition to be able to run at top performance. Vitamin deficiencies often present symptoms that can be attributed to other health issues.

So, how do you know if you have a vitamin deficiency vs. something that may require medical treatment?
Food cravings are often one of the most obvious signs that you may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Your body is designed to know what it needs, and to seek to fulfill that need.

Though, some cravings are psychological and are triggered by things like TV commercials, or the scent of food. Psychological cravings, if ignored will dissipate over time. A physical craving will persist.

Some examples of how these deficiencies present themselves:

Craving for Sweets: There are several deficiencies that may cause the body to crave sweets – chromium, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur or tryptophan. Answer: Higher quantities of chicken, beef, broccoli, nuts and fresh fruits may help and lessen the urge for sweets.

Chocolate Cravings: Usually indicates a lack of Vitamin B or Magnesium. Answer: Increasing the intake of raw nuts, seeds, beans and fruits, can curb chocolate cravings. Flaxseed oil is also very helpful.

Alcohol Cravings: Usually indicate deficiencies in substances such as protein, glutamine, avenin, potassium or calcium. Answer: To curb, increase your intake of meat, seafood, poultry, broccoli, granola and oatmeal.

Iron Deficiency: This is an odd one. Iron deficiency can cause anemia (too few red blood cells), which spurs a craving to eat non-food items such as paper, dirt, and ice, sand or even paint. It is usually prevalent in children and you should contact a physician immediately as eating certain non-food items can be dangerous.

For a more complete list of physical manifestations that may be linked to and cured by restoring correct levels of vitamins and minerals, please go here:


Quick reference – If you are missing:
Vitamin A – reduced night vision, night blindness, dry eyes, eye inflammation
Vitamin B1 – Tiredness, irritability, sleep disturbance
Vitamin B2 – Cracked lips, cracked corners of the mouth, sore tongue, and growth slowing in children
Vitamin B6 – Anemia, impaired antibody production, low immunity, convulsions in children
Vitamin B12 – Very pale skin, anemia, pernicious anemia, growth development issues, nerves, hair, skin and metabolism are all affected.
Vitamin C – Weakness, lassitude, swollen gums, nosebleeds, scurvy
Vitamin D – rickets, bone fractures or deformities, osteoporosis, depression, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, muscle cramps and much more

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