Body Care with all Edible Ingredients!

Concept credited to Fuel For The Body

Ahhhh~ Nothing like an edible shower.
Try this for an all natural online pharmacy chemical free cleansing experience!

Raw honey
Coconut Oil
Turbinado Sugar
Avocado Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Essential oil of your choice (peppermint, lemon, orange, lime suggested)
Crushed Adzuki beans
Aloe Vera Plant

Pumice stone
Dry skin Brush
Wash cloth or scrubby
Sea Clay based soap

1st Mix:
Mix 3 tbl. honey
1 Tbl. Coconut Oil

2nd Mix:
1 C. Turbinado sugar
1/4 C. Avocado Oil
1/4 C. Grapeseed Oil
1-3 drops Essential oil of peppermint, lemon, orange or lime

Before showering:
Do a complete body DRY Brushing.
Using an all natural body brush, start from your toes and brush firmly and UP-wards toward your lymph nodes.
Brush feet and legs working all the way up to your chest and lymph nodes.
Brushing firmly to release toxins out through lymph. When you reach chest and
neck areas brush downwardly toward lymph nodes and heart area. Then raise your
arms one at a time, now brush firmly down from your finger tips to your arm
pits. This entire process should only take a couple of minutes.

Wash: Take a hot steamy shower and rinse your entire body including your hair.
Using your Aloe Vera plant, wash your hair to remove any built up residue.
Now wash your face with your sea clay soap and adzuki scrub.
The sea clay soap or honey oatmeal soap can be used to wash your entire body.


Exfoliate: Use the sugar scrub mixture and scrub your entire body. Working in
circular massaging motions to allow your body to readily absorb the oils. Massage slowly being sure to exfoliate your entire body. Remember to use the organic pumice/volcano stone for smoothing the roughness of your feet and toes and even palms of hands.

Hair Conditioning: Generously scoop your honey/coconut oil mixture on your hair.
Massaging it well into the scalp and working down to the ends of your hair leaving on for at least 1 minute. Use the remaining honey/coconut oil mix to massage into your face and neck. Leave mix on hair and face as you finish your shower. Don’t worry about it running down, just lick your lips~! It’s all edible! Using a wide tooth comb, you are ready to comb through your honey coated hair making it silky and smooth.

Rinse: Rinse your hair well and when you are done, PAT dry only, so not to
rub off your sheen/oils.

Moisturize and heal: Use your Aloe Vera plant to massage the gel into your face,
neck and where ever else you want a lift. You may also use some of the Aloe Vera Plant Gel to massage into your hair for nutrients and a great healthy shine. Now you are ready to indulge and polish off with in Coconut Oil all over your entire body and face!

Now that’s what I call an ‘EDIBLE’ shower. Your skin will thank you.
Doing this 2 or 3 times per week, you will see tremendous benefits!

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