Are you Detoxing or Retoxing?

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If you haven’t heard of Retoxing, you are not alone – I just made it up.

What is Retoxing?

Retoxing can happen after a detox. It is an accumulation of choices. It is your lifestyle combined with your eating habits.

You have made the choice to do a detox and backed it up with the time and effort in actually completing it. The fast or cleanse may have taken you anywhere from 1-2 days all the way up to 30 days or more. But now that your regimen has ended and you are no longer in the process of detoxification, has anything really changed?

There is no doubt that your body is better off than before you began, but your choices from here on out will determine if the effects become permanent building blocks that help you work towards even better health or if it will have simply been the equivalent of an oil change – cleaning your system out only to start again.

The act of retoxing means you go right back to your old habits and ways of eating, thereby starting the process all over again rather than continuing on the path to wellness. While yes even this is far better than not removing the built up toxins at all, by returning to the same old same old you are selling yourself short.

Think about how you felt right after a cleanse. Did you have more energy? Did your skin look better and brighter? Did you sleep more soundly? Did aches and pains seem to fade or disappear all together? Did you lose a few extra pounds? Did you feel good about yourself and your ability to stick with it and finish?

Wouldn’t it be better if all those feelings weren’t temporary? They don’t have to be.

Making changes in the way you eat and live take effort, but as you stick with it they become habit and habit is automatic.

Change your habits, change your health, change your life.

Even if you retain just a portion of what you were doing during the detoxification process and incorporate it into your daily routine – drinking more water, eating more live food (fruits and vegetables), steering clear of processed and packaged foods or paying attention and making sure you got enough sleep, it will help.

The more cleanly you live – the better you will feel.
We all only get one body in this life. Be good to it!

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